interior stairs in the main building at The Charter School East Dulwich showing the word curious on the wall

Beyond the classroom

A place to broaden your horizons

Our aim is to provide all students with a rich and rounded education, full of opportunities to find new passions, forge friendships and broaden their horizons.

Our co-curricular programme is varied, exciting and inclusive, and students of all ages and skill levels are able to get involved. We aim for students to be able to explore a wide range of activities and interests during their time at The Charter School East Dulwich and recognise that for many, these opportunities can mark the beginning of a life-long passion.


Whether drawn to singing in a choir, joining a sports team or learning anew language, all students have the opportunity to join our enrichment programme, with some classes offered in partnership with The Charter School North Dulwich and other schools within our Trust.


Every student is expected and encouraged to participate actively in the extra-curricular life of the school and will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities designed to build character, develop wider interests and acquire life skills.

A black  logo for the Charter School East Dulwich

"School has helped me to be able to stand in front of people and say what I think which will help me in the future as well as school."