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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Support for your child

Free School Meals 

Use this eligibility checker here to assess if you qualify for Free School Meals.

Please see the link to the cost of living food support on the Southwark Council website below and the scanned copy of the Grant Conditions Agreement attached.

General food-related cost of living support here 

School Counselling

Aim of Counselling

The school counselling service supports students in becoming more self-aware, confident and resilient. Counselling is a safe space to talk to a neutral and non-judgemental adult, with the option of using creative materials for self-expression. 

The counselling service is suitable for students who are struggling with a whole range of concerns e.g. bereavement, bullying, anxiety, identity (sexuality, gender, race, SEND), discrimination, relationship difficulties, low confidence, low mood, family or community issues.

How to refer to the School Counselling Service

  1. Students can self-refer using the online counselling referral form found on the Student Portal

  2. Alternatively students can post a self-referral form into the counselling post box (located by the counselling rooms on the ground floor)

  3. Parents/guardians can request counselling on their child's behalf by contacting their child’s form tutor

  4. School staff can complete the online counselling referral form on behalf of students, with their permission. 

Waiting List

The school counselling service has a waiting list. The wait time for accessing school counselling typically ranges from 1 to 6 weeks. School counsellors will aim to meet students for an initial assessment as soon as possible after a referral has been made to the service.

Details of Counselling Sessions 

  • Six sessions are offered initially, with a review on the fourth session

  • Counselling sessions last 50 minutes

  • Sessions will take place weekly, during the school day, and will be held at the same time each week

  • In exceptional circumstances up to three online sessions will be offered to students.

  • If a student chooses to miss their session for two weeks in a row, their sessions will cease at that current time however they can always refer if they want to try engaging with the service again

  • A student can withdraw from the counselling service at any time