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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Our Vision


The Charter School East Dulwich exists to inspire young people from across its diverse local community to develop the character and expertise they need to succeed in adult life - personally, economically and as good citizens. We teach our students to be curious, to work hard, to care and act with integrity. They will leave us happy in themselves, excited about their future and ambitious to achieve.

We have been delighted by the extent of local community support as our second inclusive secondary school from The Charter School family has developed over the last six years.

The Charter School East Dulwich is growing incrementally, preserving a very human scale. Our initial focus was on excellence in the teaching of Key Stage 3, moving into ensuring high quality preparation and success for our first GCSE Year 11 cohorts over the last two years. The first students and their families have played an active role in shaping the school, from getting involved in staff recruitment to reviewing aspects of the buildings' design, to helping to shape the development of enrichment activities as we have grown. The Charter Schools Educational Trust is made up predominantly of parents who have raised, or are raising, children in the local community, and we welcome the high level of engagement from parents, students and the local community as a real strength for the school. Our new Sixth Form provision, opened in September 2021, started us on our next stage of this exciting journey for our school and students.

Thank you for considering our school for your child. We hope you will investigate whether our school is right for you and follow our progress during the coming months.