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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Our Team

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Form Tutors

7C Ms Nicole Baldwin
7H Mr James Nesaratnam
7A Mr Marlon Gayle
7R Ms Melanie Campbell
7T Ms Elise Wheatland
7E Mr James Clark 
7D Mr Raunaq Ahmed
7L Mr Richard Hayes
7W Ms Miriam Mizzi
8C Ms Adele Modeste
8H Ms Telma Dias de Brito 
8A Ms Georgina Woolfrey
8R Mr Jack Baggs
8T Ms Jade Searby
8E Ms Siobhan Gnanakulendran
8D Ms Saskia Gangadin-Guiness
8L Mr Oliver Vilas
9C Ms Joshua Eaton
9H Mr Phillip Alexander
9A Ms Harry Ingamells
9R Ms Isobel Bignell
9T Mr Nathan Gordon
9E Mr David Elias
9D Mr Sam Pappon
10C Ms Belinda Ellis
10H Ms Anna Parker
10A Mr Ryan Johnston
10R Dr Robert Eckersley
10T Ms Elaine Nyako
10E Mr Elliot Batchelor
10D Ms Neema Nyaulingo
11C Ms Jessie Bernard
11H Mr Sam Harvey
11A Ms Phoebe Batey 
11R Mr Jack Reynolds
11T Mr Jamie Rogers
11E Mr Lucy Moyler
12C Mr Daniel Richardson
12H Ms Caitlin Collins
12A Ms Charlotte McFarlan
12R Ms Claire Johnston
12E Ms Jess Abbott
12D Mr Yazad Unwalla
13C Ms Maria Bateson
13H Mr Simon Brown
13A Ms Annabelle Pemberton 
13R Ms Dionne Stanislaus
13T Mr Stuart Shum

Year Leaders

 Head of Year 7 Ms Yanique Illidge
 Head of Year 8 Ms Lucy Blackwell
 Head of Year 9 Ms Jasmine Ewhieberene
 Head of Year 10 Ms Lily Hale
 Head of Year 11 Mr Marcus Pettigrew
 Head of Year 12 Mr Ben Tubby
Head of Year 13 Mr Nonso Owoh

Faculty Leads

Head of Mathematics Mr Adam Jeffreys
Head of Communications

Ms Olivia Coates (currently on mat. leave)

Acting FL for communications: Ms Adeline Pires

Head of Creatives Ms Zoe Gooch
Ms Amanda Withers
Head of Science Ms Aram Sohaib
Head of Humanities Mr George Towers

Subject Leaders 

Mathematics Ms Catherine Cottell
Ms Charlotte McFarlan
Mr Samuel Harvey
Computing Mr Stuart Shum
History and Politics Mr George Towers
Geography Ms Dionne Stanislaus
Religious Studies Mr Yazad Unwalla
Psychology Ms Jess Abbott
Sociology Ms Anna Parker
Economics Mr Daniel Richardson
Science Ms Phoebe Batey (KS3)
Ms Mary Burleton (KS3 Coordinator)
Ms Amy Shepherd (2iC, KS4)
Ms Maria Bateson (KS5)
English Ms Juliet Craven (KS5 2iC)
Ms Nicole Baldwin (2iC)
Ms Claire Johnston (KS5 Coordinator)
Mr Jack Reynolds
MFL Ms Adeline Pires
Ms Sylvie Rouquet (2iC)
PSHE Ms Florence Anderson
Media Mr Oliver Vilas
Drama Ms Zoe Gooch
Music Ms Amanda Withers
PE Ms Adele Modeste
Art Mr Jamie Rogers
DT Ms Lucy Moyler

Assistant Headteachers

AHT CPD Ms Jennifer Kempster
AHT Student Progress Ms Sophie Graham
AHT Inclusion Ms Carolyn Ankrah
AHT Personal Development Ms Florence Anderson
AHT Sixth Form, (KS5) Ms Emily Watson


Designated Safeguarding Lead, AHT Inclusion Ms Carolyn Ankrah
Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead Mr Nathaniel Wilson, Deputy Head of School (Pastoral & Safeguarding)
Safeguarding Administrator Ms Christine Banton

Behaviour and Inclusion  

Head of Pastoral &
Mr Adam Brett
Family Liaison Officer Mr Derrick Anderson
Behaviour Support
Mr Trevor Smith
Mr Jeremy Manyeh 

Learning Support

Designated Teacher - LAC  
SENDCo Ms Carissa Walton
Assistant SENDCo Ms Cathie Campbell
SEND Administration Manager Ms Marcelle Razac
School Counsellor Ms Haddy Kayde-Hasen
School Counsellor Ms Ayla Carter Savaskan
Learning Support Assistant

Holly Teal
Phoenix Pointon
Terry Mathurin

HLTA Ms Joanne Mann
HLTA, Speech & Language Mr Stephen Rowell
HLTA, Transition Lead Ms Penny Verry
PE Technician  
Music & Drama Technician Mr Sinajus Balcius
Science Technician Mr Mikal Wint
Mr Nicholas Dimitrov
Lead Cover Supervisor Ms Cherie Forde
Cover Supervisor Ms Julett Adenusi
Ms Deyse Veloso

Teaching Staff

Subject Lead, Psychology Ms Jess Abbott
Teacher of Mathematics Mr Philip Alexander
Teacher of Languages & PSHE Lead Ms Florence Anderson
Teacher of History  
Teacher of English Ms Nicole Baldwin
Teacher of Geography Ms Jessie Barnard
Teacher of Science, KS5 Coordinator Ms Maria Bateson
Teacher of Science, KS3 Coordinator Ms Phoebe Batey
Teacher of English Ms Isobel Bignell
Teacher of History Ms Lucy Blackwell
Humanities Progress Lead (KS4 Options)  
Teacher of Mathematics Mr Simon Brown
Science Teacher Ms Mary Burleton
Art Teacher Ms Melanie Campbell
Teacher of Science  
Science Teacher Mr James Clark
Faculty Leader for Communications, English Teacher (Maternity Leave) Ms Olivia Coates
Teacher of Science and Mathematics Ms Catherine Cooper

Teacher of Mathematics

KS3 Coordinator Mathematics

Ms Catherine Cottell
Teacher of English (Maternity Leave) Ms Juliet Craven
MFL Teacher Ms Telma Dias de Brito
Teacher of English Mr Josh Eaton
Teacher of Science and Mathematics Mr Robert Eckersley
Teacher of Art & Design Mr David Elias
Teacher of Science Ms Belinda Ellis
Teacher of English Ms Jasmine Ewhieberene
Teacher of English Ms Kat Franco
Teacher of Design Technology  
Teacher of Mathematics Ms Siobhan Gnanakulendran
Joint Faculty Leader for Creative Arts, SL Drama Ms Zoe Gooch
Teacher of PE Mr Nathan Gordon
Assistant Headteacher Ms Sophie Graham
Teacher of Physical Education Ms Lily Hale
Teacher of Mathematics Mr Sam Harvey
Teacher of Languages & Early Career Framework Lead  
Teacher of Design and Technology Mr Daniel Holmes
Teacher of English Ms Yanique Illidge
Teacher of Science Mr Harry Ingamells
Faculty Lead, Mathematics Mr Adam Jeffreys
Teacher of English Ms Claire Johnston
Teacher of Geography Mr David Kolawole
Teacher of Mathematics Ms Charlotte McFarlan
Teacher of SEND  
Teacher of French Ms Wubit Mekuria
Subject Leader, Physical Education Ms Adele Modeste
Subject Leader, Design Technology Ms Lucy Moyler
Teacher of Mathematics Mr James Nesaratnam
Teacher of Computing Ms Joanna Newell
Teacher of Mathematics Ms Neema Nyaulingo
Teacher of Religious Studies & Sociology Ms Elaine Nyako
Teacher of Mathematics Mr Nonso Owoh
Teacher of Music Mr Samuel Pappon
Teacher of Psychology & Sociology Ms Anna Parker
Teacher of History Ms Annabelle Pemberton
Teacher of Science Mr Marcus Pettigrew-Edgren
Subject Leader, Modern Foreign Languages Ms Adeline Pires
Teacher of English Mr Jack Reynolds
Subject Leader, Art & Design Mr Jamie Rogers
Second-in-Charge, Modern Foreign Languages Ms Sylvie Rouquet
Teacher of Art & Design Ms Jade Searby
Second-in-Charge, Science Ms Amy Shepherd
Subject Leader, Computing Mr Stuart Shum
Faculty Lead, Science Ms Aram Sohaib
Subject Leader, Geography Ms Dionne Stanislaus

Subject Lead, History and Politics

Faculty Leader for Humanities

Mr George Towers
Teacher of Physical Education Mr Ben Tubby
Teacher of Religious Studies & Economics Mr Yazad Unwalla
Subject Lead, Media Mr Oliver Vilas
Teacher of Psychology Ms Elise Wheatland
Joint Faculty Leader for Creative Arts, SL Music Ms Amanda Withers


HR & Operations Director Ms Jennifer Stephenson
Office & Admissions Manager  
Attendance Officer Ms Nicheala Pearce
Receptionist Ms Ana Moura
Office Administrator Mr Daniel Rodrigues
PA to the Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher Ms Thea Piwowar
PA to the AHTs Ms Juliet Dookey
Sixth Form Administrator Ms Harriet McAuliffe
Ms Rebekah Springer
Sixth Form Progress & Destinations Lead Ms Lisa Godfrey
KS5 Pastoral Manager Ms Naomi Smith
HR Officer  
Exams Officer Ms Jacqui Brennan
Premises Manager Mr Mark Holloway
Premises Officers Mr Luke Arnold
Mr Daniel Mohale
Mr Eugene McCabe
Lunchtime Supervisor Ms Leigh Ann Quilter
Ms Natasha Mitchell