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The Charter School

East Dulwich

How to Apply For a Place

Year 7 Entry for September 2024

The School will have 240 places available in Year 7 starting in September 2024. For information regarding applying for secondary school for your child, please see:

Southwark Admissions

Offers will be made to parents/carers by the LA of residence on 1 March 2024.  Offer letters will be posted by first class post to all parents/carers who applied on time and parents/carers can also check online on the evening of Offer Day through the eAdmissions portal.

Your child’s offer will be automatically accepted if you're a Southwark resident.  All offers must be accepted by parents/carers by 15 March 2024.

If parents/carers are refusing a place at a Southwark school they must notify the LA and the school directly by 15 March 2024.

Waiting list positions are available from Southwark Admissions

After an offer of a place has been made, all applicants will be required to produce at least three pieces of documentary proof of residence, which includes the Council Tax bill, Child Benefit letter*, and a utility bill as determined by the school. We will also require your child's identification in the form of a birth certificate or passport.

The home address is the address at which the student lives permanently and full-time as the principal residence. It does not include short-term rental or lease. Failure to provide current proof of address to the school’s satisfaction will result in an offer of a place being withdrawn. Where a child has shared care and lives at more than one address the school is only able to accept one address. The documentary proof of residence as determined by the school must apply to this address.

Brother or sister is defined as a blood-related, half, step, legally recognised foster or adopted child living at the same permanent address (as set out in our Admissions Policy).

* If you or your partner are affected by the High Income Child Benefit charge and have decided to stop Child Benefit payments, HM Revenue and customs have confirmed that you can still request a copy of your entitlement reward letter despite the fact that your payments have stopped.  This document is needed as part of the admissions process and must be supplied to secure a place.  You will need to call HM Revenue & Customs on 0300 200 3100 to request this letter for Education purposes.

More information regarding our admissions policy and how to apply can be found by clicking on the tabs on the right of this page. 


In Year Applications 

Applications for places outside the normal round of admissions (in-year admissions) will be allocated in accordance with the school’s published admission criteria and processed as per Southwark’s agreed protocol.  Please read the following carefully to ensure that you follow the correct procedure depending on your circumstances. 

1. Transferring your child from one Southwark school to The Charter School East Dulwich.

If your child is currently attending a Southwark school, and you plan to apply for a place at The Charter School East Dulwich, you must complete and submit Southwark Council's in-year application form.

Please click here to complete the In-Year Application Form for pupils attending a Southwark School only.

2. Making a new in-year application to any Southwark school, including The Charter School East Dulwich  

If your child is currently not attending a Southwark school (new arrivals into the borough and overseas applicants), and you'd like to apply for an in-year place at The Charter School East Dulwich, you must complete and submit Southwark Council's online in-year application form:

Please click here Citizen Portal - Sign in (

For more information please visit: In Year Admissions - Southwark