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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Form Groups

All students will have a form group headed by a Form Tutor who they will see every day. Form Tutors will provide students with a consistent relationship of support, guidance and, where necessary, challenge.


Form Tutors will be responsible for students' attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning. They will also lead on students' social, moral, spiritual and civic education. Form Tutors will also be responsible for guided reading activities as we cultivate high standards of literacy across our school. We anticipate that Form Tutors will stay with their form groups as they progress through the School.


Students admitted in 2016-17 are organised into five form groups. As we grow, our Form Groups will incorporate children from different year groups in a system called 'vertical tutoring'. This system mirrors the structure of most families,  in which older children are often responsible for mentoring younger siblings. Schools that have successfully implemented vertical tutoring experience many benefits, including a closer-knit school community with significantly better relationships between students of different ages.


In 2016-17, the form groups and their respective tutors are as follows:





 Ms. Charway


 Mr. Heal


 Ms. Jupp


 Ms. Pires


 Mr. Surridge