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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Form Groups

All students at The Charter School East Dulwich (TCSED) are part of a form group, headed by a Form Tutor who they will see every day. The role of the Form Tutor is a very important one at TCSED, and we take pride in our pastoral care systems.  For all children to learn effectively in school, they must feel safe, happy, supported, included and respected.  Our Form Tutor teams form the backbone of this important work.  We encourage you to build a strong relationship with them.
Form Tutors will provide students with a consistent relationship of support, guidance and, where necessary, challenge and are supported in their work by a range of other school professionals, such as our pastoral and behaviour support staff, the Special Educational Needs department team, our Education Welfare officer and our school wellbeing and counselling teams.
Form Tutors are responsible for students' attendance, behaviour and attitude to learning at TCSED. They also lead on students' social, moral, spiritual and civic education, and are responsible for building a team ethos, ensuring children are settled and happy at school, as well a communicating with you as parents about most concerns or queries. Normally, Form Tutors stay with their form groups as they progress through the School.
At TCSED, we currently have nine tutor groups in Year 7, eight tutor groups in Year 8 and seven tutor groups in year 9 for KS3. In KS4 we currently have seven tutor groups in Years 10 and six tutor groups in year 11. For KS5 we currently have  seven tutor groups in year 12 and five tutor groups in year 13. 
You can email your child’s tutor by clicking on their names below. All emails at The Charter School East Dulwich are the staff member’s first initial, followed by their last name with the address ‘’. 


                                                        Tutor list 2023/24

Key Stage 3 Tutor Team

7C Ms Nicole Baldwin
7H Mr James Nesaratnum
7A Mr Marlon Gayle
7R Ms Melanie Campbell
7T Ms Elise Wheatland
7E Mr James Clark
7D Mr Raunaq Ahmed
7L Mr Richard Hayes
7W Ms Miriam Mizzi


8C Ms Adele Modeste
8H Ms Telma Dias de Brito
8A Ms Georgina Woolfrey
8R Mr Jack Baggs
8T Ms Jade Searby
8E Ms Siobhan Gnanakulendran
8D Ms Saskia Gangadin-Guiness
8L Mr Oliver Vilas


9C Mr Joshua Eaton
9H Mr Phillip Alexander
9A Ms Harry Ingamells
9R Ms Isobel Bignell
9T Mr Nathan Gordon
9E Mr David Elias
9D Mr Sam Pappon


Key Stage 4 Tutor Team

10C Ms Belinda Pryce
10H Ms Anna Parker
10A Mr Ryan Johnston
10R Dr Robert Eckersley
10T Ms Elaine Nyako
10E Mr Elliot Batchelor
10D Ms Neema Nyaulingo


11C Ms Jessie Barnard
11H Mr Sam Harvey
11A Ms Phoebe Batey
11R Mr Jack Reynolds
11T Mr Jamie Rogers
11E Ms Lucy Moyler


Key Stage 5 Tutor Team

12C Mr Daniel Richardson
12H Ms Caitlin Collins
12A Ms Charlotte McFarlan
12R Ms Claire Johnston
12T Ms Adanma Chiana
12E Ms Jess Abbott
12D Mr Yazad Unwalla


13C Ms Maria Bateson
13H Mr Simon Brown
13A Ms Annabelle Pemberton
13R Ms Dionne Stanislaus
13T Mr Stuart Shum


For more serious or confidential concerns, you may wish to contact your child’s Year Leader.  Your child’s Form Tutor may also sometimes refer a concern on to them and will let you know if this is the case.  The Year Leader Teams are:

Head of Year 7 Ms Yanique Illidge
Head of Year 8 Ms Lucy Blackwell
Head of Year 9 Ms Jasmine Ewihieberene
Head of Year 10 Ms Lily Hale
Head of Year 11 Mr Marcus Pettigrew
Head of Year 12 Mr Ben Tubby
Head of Year 13 Mr Nonso Owoh

All pastoral and academic support work is overseen by the Deputy Head Teacher Ms Maria Chalcraft.

For our new parents, we look forward to welcoming you to the pastoral teams and our school family.