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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Extension and Enrichment  

All students will have the opportunity to extend their studies by attending Enrichment classes which will be on offer every week, some of which will be in partnership with our sibling school, The Charter School North Dulwich. Students who learn most quickly will be given additional opportunities to study enriching subjects such as Mandarin or Photography. Students needing help with literacy, numeracy or the use of English as a primary language for learning will receive additional support. Some of this support will be offered in lessons and some will take place after school.

Every student is expected to participate actively in the extra-curricular life of the school and will have the opportunity to choose from a range of activities designed to build character, develop wider interests and acquire life skills. Students will receive a copy of the Enrichment Programme at the beginning of each term and will be asked to choose two enrichment activities per week. Clubs and activities will take place at lunchtime and after school. Examples of such activities include:

  • 3D modelling
  • School council
  • Debate club
  • Chess club
  • School newspaper
  • Drama society
  • Photography club
  • School choir
  • School band
  • Martial arts

Sporting provision is also a key feature of school life. We have a wide variety of sports provision including offering students opportunities to join teams with their peers at The Charter School North Dulwich. These are listed in the PDF below.