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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Dyslexia Programmes and Interventions

Dyslexia Art Project

Two groups of dyslexic children are taken out of lessons for two hours once a week to give them an opportunity to express their creativity and embrace their difficulties. So far, they have used drawings and clay to produce masks that were put together to create a totem pole. More recently, they finished a short film in which they used different lyrics of a song to display their difficulties with spelling.

Pupil Quotes:

The project is really fun, it lets out the creative side of me. I feel like I can show the things I’m good at other than normal subjects.

I feel more comfortable and open knowing that there are many other dyslexic children in the school. Having a small amount of time out of lessons each week helps me to focus more and not feel so run down."

Have a look at some of what they have produced so far.

The SEND Team