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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Careers, Employability and Raising Aspirations

We are closely following the new government Careers Strategy and Gatsby Benchmarks in our development of a world-class Careers Programme, opening up the world of work for our students, creating excellence in their employability skills, and raising their aspirations. 

Our Careers Team ensures that every student spends time developing employability skills and has several meaningful careers encounters every term; a combination of Careers Learning in tutor time and PSHE lessons, employer talks and workshops, and visits to workplaces and FE/HE education providers. 

Our Careers team is Careers Leader Emily Seed and independent Careers Advisor Desiree Cumberbatch. If you'd like to discuss our Careers Programme or offer an event through your own work, please email:, or call 020 3873 2290.

TCSED Careers Team Response to COVID-19:

Pre COVID-19, we delivered regular live Assembly Careers Talks from across all sectors to students, on- and offsite workshops and workplace visits, and trips to FE and HE providers. As these are currently impossible we shall deliver the following alternative programme:

  • A termly online interactive Careers Talk for every year group. These will take place during Tutor Time and will start by January 2021.

  • A scheme of Careers Learning for every KS3 group, delivered during Tutor Time in the Spring or Summer term.

  • Online visits to FE and HE providers for Yr 9 and 10.


We know that regular and high-quality encounters with the world of work directly improves students' employability skills and academic achievement. If students feel ambitious and excited about their futures and can see their pathways ahead, they have strong reasons to engage at school and work hard. A recent report, 'Motivated To Achieve,' has been instrumental in proving this. The full report is at . On p44, it states that "Nine out of 10 secondary school teachers (93%) said that work experience and employer-related activities can help students to do better in exams."

All Year 10 students will participate in a week of work experience (WEX) in May or June. We partner with Southwark’s Education Business Alliance on our WEX programme. All Year 10 students participate in WEX planning sessions and are supported to find productive placements. We do encourage students to find their own WEX placements whenever possible as this is a positive step in independence and employability skills. We are grateful to our body of parents and carers for offering one-week placements in their own workplaces.

COVID-19 WEX Update: As WEX 2020 was cancelled due to lockdown, we shall aim to confirm in January 2021 if WEX 2021 will go ahead. If not, we shall provide alternative workplace and employer encounters.

We subscribe to the online careers resource UNIFROG, which offers a Careers Library, information on post-16 and post-18 training and education, support in choosing options, writing CVs and applications, and a record of all the Careers interactions students have had at school. All students can log on at; the resource is regularly used in KS4 tutor times and in the relevant scheme of PSHE work for all KS3 students.

Parents and carers can use Unifrog too! Please create your own account and explore the resources by going to, choose to ‘sign in for the first time’ and use the code parentschartereast.

Our Yr 11 programme. 

  • Yr 11 students are receiving regular information updates on all the post-16 options available to them. Please see the following documents below: TCSED's 6th Form Prospectus and Southwark's Post-16 Brochure detailing all of Southwark's Colleges and 6th Forms as well as FE Colleges across London. (NB the brochure was published before TCSED's 6th Form was confirmed, hence the lack of current information, which is fully detailed in our own prospectus).

  • To ensure that every Yr 11 student is aiming for a realistic and productive post-16 pathway, we are running small group workshops in which all students without a definite plan will be supported to plan and apply for 6th Form, a College place, a Traineeship or Apprenticeship.

  • We are promoting and supporting relevant students to apply for the free InvestIN careers insights and Mentoring Scheme, and Arkwright Engineering Scholarships.


Our Careers Guidance (CG) team consisting of independent professional Desiree Cumberbatch and Careers Leader Emily Seed provide scheduled one-to-one CG appointments with every Yr 11 student in the Autumn term and with every Yr 9 student between November and February half-term. Other students are welcome to request a CG session by emailing


Parents and carers, if you are keen to discuss future education, training and career pathways with your child, Success At School have recently published a Parents & Carers e-book. It is attached below and is an excellent resource for starting conversations, looking at where favourite subjects can lead to, exploring growth options such as Apprenticeships, and an all-important guide to 'Future-Proofing' oneself. You might find new ideas for yourselves too! 

We shall send out a Careers Bulletin at the end of every term, detailing our Careers Programme activities. You can see our previous bulletins at the bottom of this page.