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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Build Update: January 2023

I am writing with an update on the phase two building scheme. The building project is now split into three parts with  the intention in bringing about the necessary improvements to the site and completion of each part as soon as  possible. The three parts are the landscaping of the site, the modular classrooms to house the additional teaching  spaces needed for the academic year 2023 and the renovation of the Dulwich Hospital building plus the building of a  new hall, library and drama/arts studio.

1. Landscaping of the Site 

A contractor has been appointed following the tender process and this contractor is Blakedown. The successful  contractor will start work on site in Mid-February and the first task will be ensuring that pathways between the current  teaching block and the sports teaching block are easy to access and weatherproof. 

The landscaping includes a mix of hard landscaping (school playground materials) and soft landscaping (grass, trees, and  planting beds). 

Blakedown is a contractor who has successfully completed several projects for Southwark Council to a high standard.  Their aim is to plan to complete the landscaping in phases so that as much of the wider school site can be handed over  to the school as it is completed. This work is targeted for completion by the end of the summer term 2023. 

2. Modular Classrooms 

The tender process has been completed and a preferred contractor has been identified. Once the contractor can provide  guarantees that our timescales for installation of the classrooms can be met, this contract will also be agreed. If not,  there is a second contractor who will be chosen. This installation is to take place in the summer holidays of 2023, ready  for the September 2023 start. 

3. The renovation of the Dulwich Hospital Building and building of a new hall, library and drama/arts studio. 

The tender process will be completed by March and there are reported to be a good range of contractors tendering. There will be more information on this once the tender process has been completed.