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The Charter School

East Dulwich

About us

 Welcome to The Charter School East Dulwich.

Alex Crossman - Head Teacher
Alex Crossman

Curious · Creative · Courageous · Caring

The Charter School East Dulwich is an inclusive, entrepreneurial and academically rigorous secondary school serving the vibrant communities of East Dulwich and South Camberwell. Opened in September 2016, we are one of the most over-subscribed new schools in the country.  

As part of The Charter Schools Educational Trust, we are founded on the conviction that all children deserve the opportunity to succeed, whatever their start in life or personal circumstances.

We are a school at the heart of our community: a place where children walk to school together and where friendships, between students and between parents, grow stronger as a result of daily contact in- and outside of the classroom. 

We teach our students to be curious, creative, courageous and caring. They will be happy in themselves, excited about their future and ambitious for success. They will leave us with the understanding, expertise and character traits that enable them to play a full and productive part in our modern, democratic society.

All of this will require dedication and hard work - both in lessons and outside of lessons.  

We expect a lot of our students. We expect them to engage with powerful knowledge about the physical and cultural world around. We expect them to commit to developing their individual aptitudes. For some students, this will mean exploring specialist subject areas such as Mandarin or Theatre Studies. For others, this will mean additional support in literacy and mathematics.

We expect all students to participate enthusiastically in the extra-curricular life of the school, through additional sports and specialist clubs and societies.

Finally, we expect students to contribute actively and generously to their community, through volunteering programmes, peer support and exemplary personal conduct.

In return, we will work tirelessly to provide students with the support and encouragement needed in order to achieve their goals. 

I am immensely privileged to be the founding Headteacher of this school. I want to thank our parents and students for the faith they have placed in our vision.

Alex Crossman
MA (Oxon) MSc.Econs FRSA