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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Coronavirus information and Headteacher's update Friday 3 July 2020

We are sharing the latest information regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak to ensure that you have access to all the current available guidance. 

The information below is to ensure that you are well informed and will know what to do if you have any concerns.

Friday 3 July 2020


Dear Parent / Carer.

In the past week, I have spoken to many parents who have understandable questions about what the next school year will be like for their children. The simple answer is that it will be more ‘normal’ than in recent experience but still quite different from schooling as any of us knew it until March.

The Chair and Chief Executive of The Charter Schools Educational Trust wrote to you last Friday to confirm that we plan to reopen all our schools to all students at the beginning of September. The Department for Education published updated guidance on school reopening yesterday, Thursday, 2 July; this also stressed that all children would be back in school from September.

All schools will obviously take time to review government guidance in detail and to ensure that their own planning is fully compliant. I am confident that our School’s arrangements are robust. However, my colleagues and I will take the next week to test all of our plans and assumptions before communicating them to you in full on 10 July.

I can confirm the following immediately.

The dates for school reopening:
  • Thursday, 27 August and Friday 28 August are Staff Inset Days

  • Monday, 31 August is a bank holiday

  • Tuesday, 1 September is now reserved for students in Years 7 and 10 only 

  • Wednesday, 2 September will be for students in Years 7, 10 and 11

  • All other students will return on Thursday, 3 September

The School will maintain the hygiene and other safety procedures introduced during Lockdown to help combat the spread of Coronavirus. Facilities such as additional washbasins and hand sanitizer, new payment cards for school meals and routines such as supervised handwashing will continue in order to be fully compliant with Public Health England guidance and make school safe for your children.

The government has been clear that students should not use public transport to journey to school unless absolutely necessary. Nor should parents drop their children to school in their cars. Enhanced parking restrictions in East Dulwich makes it virtually impossible to park near the School without making the local area less safe for children walking to school. Almost all children attending our school live within 1 kilometre of the school itself. For most, walking to and from school is by far the safest, healthiest way to travel.

I must draw parents’ attention to the government’s firm announcement that schooling will again be compulsory from September. I fully appreciate that some parents remain anxious about their children’s return to school. For this reason, we will be holding meetings with parents who have expressed concerns over returning to school on 16 and 17 July. We will be in touch directly with the parents involved. Provision for children of key workers and vulnerable children will end on 15 July in order that the School can make time for this exercise.

We appreciate that September is still a long way away. We will try to help in whatever way we can, even as we approach the end of the school year. If your child is struggling emotionally or with their schoolwork, please contact their Tutor, Link Adult, or if necessary, their Head of Key Stage: Ms. Daly for Key Stage 3 and Ms. Kempster for Key Stage 4.

The Lockdown has had a devastating effect on many people’s livelihood. If your family is struggling financially and you think your child may now be eligible for Free School Meals, please contact All maintained schools will be providing meal vouchers over the summer holidays.

We have also been partnered with School Food Matters over the past few weeks to provide families in need with a breakfast box. Families and pupils have collected those boxes from school. We are very grateful to the TCSEDFriends, who have kindly given up their time to support us with packing and running the collection service. Mr. Brett is exploring ways in which we can continue this scheme over the Summer holidays from a local community centre.

On a positive note, the week beginning Monday, 13 July will be both our Virtual Sports Week and our virtual Activities Week. The PE team will be setting a series of athletic challenges for young people to complete at home. They will be asked to submit their best time online. The PE team will then arrange virtual heats between the leading students, who will be asked to film their best performance in their chosen events. Students will also have the opportunity to join a wide variety of online Activities ranging from songwriting to financial literacy, from university admissions to virtual reality.

Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and kind regards.
Mr. A. Crossman
The Charter School East Dulwich
Jarvis Road
SE22 8RB