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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Year 11 Students Celebrate Excellent GCSE Results

Students and staff at The Charter School East Dulwich are today celebrating a set of excellent GCSE and BTEC results. This Y11 cohort, only our second to sit full national examinations since the school opened, has achieved brilliant results, a testament to their hard work and the support of staff and families. We are extremely proud of our students, who can now progress to their chosen next stage of education with pride.

The vast majority of students met or exceeded their targets, securing their places at Sixth form or College. As we await the national picture around progress measures these headlines showcase our students’ dedication and achievements.

  • 77% of students gained a standard pass or above in both English and Maths (Grade 4 to 9)
  • 58% gained a strong pass in both English and Maths (Grade 5 to 9)
  • 45% of students gained the English Baccalaureate
  • 34% of all GCSEs gained by Year 11 pupils at the school were Graded 7-9
  • 62% of students gained at least five GCSEs at Grade 5 or higher
  • 59% of students gained at least one GCSE with a Grade 7-9
  • 45% of all BTEC results were awarded Merit, Distinction or Distinction*

Headteacher Alison Harbottle commented: “I am incredibly proud of our students for these excellent results, and the amazing resilience and motivation they have demonstrated over the past two years. I would also like to offer huge thanks to our dedicated teachers, support staff, parents, and wider community for their unwavering commitment and support of our students as we continue to recover from the pandemic. We wish the very best to all our students as they continue onto the next stage of their education, whether this is at our Sixth form or beyond. Our students are more than just their grades. They are wonderful young people with high aspirations, and I am so pleased that these qualifications will help them to progress on this journey.’

After a difficult few years of education through the pandemic, all of our students have something to be proud of in their outcomes and the determination they have shown.  At an individual level there are many notable achievements including:

  • Students who gained 10 GCSEs all at Grade 7 or above with the vast majority at grade 8 and 9; Rosa Batty, Amine Belabes, Barnaby Benfield, Lily Craig, Nina Davidson-Crimes, Amelie El-Semman, Thomas FitzGerald-Jones, Adam Hush, Sofia Mungeam, Mack Perry, Rachel Pugh, Edie Rainbow, Amelie Robinson. Makeda Segor, Hamish Staniforth

  • Students who made outstanding progress above their target grades; Adelle Mdawarima, Benjamin Correa Lujan, Connor Donoghue, James Duffell, Jasmine Muffett, Josephine Spencer, Louisa Carr, Polly Lear, Rasharn Safie, Sophie Francis, Zakiya Jones Duncan


As a relatively new school, we are particularly proud of our subject performances across the board as we grow and develop our specialist expertise. Particular strengths this year included:

  • In English GCSE 78% of students achieved a Grade 5 or above and 42% Grade 7 or above
  • In Mathematics GCSE 70% of students achieved a Grade 4 or above, 62% Grade 5 or above and 31% Grade 7 or above
  • 78% of Science Triple and Combined Science students gained a Grade 4 or higher and 39% Grade gained at least a Grade 7 or higher
  • 50% of GCSE Music students achieved a Grade 7 or higher with 100% securing at least a Grade 5
  • Sociology GCSE was a new course this year, with 41% of students achieving Grade 7 or above and 73% Grade 5 or above
  • History GCSE results improved by 12% with 37% of students entered gaining a Grade 7 or above.
  • 89% of Further Mathematics GCSE students achieved Grade 7 or higher
  • 80% of PE GCSE students gained a Grade 5 or above and 33% a Grade 7 or above, whilst 67% of Sport BTEC students gained a Merit or Distinction


The Charter School East Dulwich, part of The Charter Schools Educational Trust, is an inclusive, non-selective, state-funded school and is proud to help our students from such varied backgrounds achieve highly and begin the next stages of their educational journey. We also celebrate the excellent results achieved by The Charter School North Dulwich and The Charter School Bermondsey, as we continue to work together to develop and build upon excellence for students and families, across our secondary schools.