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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Autism Resource Base FAQs

Please see below some FAQs relating to The Grove and its development here at TCSED, following our community consultation. 

Overwhelmingly, responses have been extremely positive in support of the proposal which is excellent and very exciting.  In addition, detailed feedback and questions that have been asked have been helpful in clarifying and challenging our thinking about the development.  With so many responses, it is not possible to respond to each one individually so below we have created a list of FAQs and answers. 

We have extended the consultation window by another 7 days (closing 18:00 30/1/23).  If you have any further comments or questions regarding the proposal following this additional information, please submit a further response via this form.

How will the provision be funded? School financial resources are already stretched.

The capital funding for the resource provision is being provided by Southwark Council. They are funding the building of the resource base and the new temporary buildings needed before the permanent buildings are finished in Summer 2024. 

The ongoing funding for staff and curriculum is funded on a per pupil places agreement with Southwark Council and the Education and Schools Funding Agency (ESFA). The school will receive the pupils' Educational and Health Care Plan funding plus a top up to recognise the additional specialist support of the autism provision. We have financially modelled the development of the provision to ensure it does not destabilise the existing and planned mainstream provision. 

 Does the school have the teachers and expertise to open a specialist provision?

We have many pupils with social and communication needs and have developed the knowledge and expertise to support these pupils. We will be employing a specialist teacher to work alongside pupils in the provision as well as specialist professionals to support speech and language and skilled support staff for individual tuition as needed. 

 My autistic child does not meet the entry requirement for the provision but how would they benefit? 

The autism provision will help build the knowledge and expertise of the entire school staff. Depending on your child's needs and plan, they may also be offered included groups and projects within the autism base. 

 Will this provision delay the build of the rest of the school?

This provision is part of the school build and this was the intention of the original founders and a key element of Southwark's financial support. As the building completion is nearer, we must seek permission from the DFE to open such a provision and ensure this will still meet Southwark's needs before the final build goes ahead.

 Will pupils be integrated into whole class provision of the mainstream school?

Yes, for each pupil, a learning plan will be developed which will build on their strengths and address their needs and there will be a blend of learning in the mainstream provision and tailored learning in the autism provision. 

 Will the autism provision provide support for pupils at Charter North?

The provision's primary focus will be on meeting the needs of the its pupils. Once the provision is established and providing a high quality and sustainable offer, we will seek to offer services and support to other pupils in the Trust.  

As a Trust, we are already working together to develop our practice as professionals with training, peer review and shared resources. We hope to build on this further and the learning from the team in the autism base will serve to strengthen knowledge and skills across the trust in the coming years. 

 Will there be a careers programme within the provision?

We are developing our curriculum for the provision. We have a careers programme across the secondary schools in place for all pupils led by our Director of Careers and Destinations. This work is also being developed to ensure can offer as rich an experience as possible for all pupils to prepare them fully for the next stage of their education journey in employment or higher education.