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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Mr Crossman's farewell letter 23 July 2021

Headteacher's farewell letter 23 July 2021

A copy of this letter has been emailed to parents and guardians today.
Love is proved in the letting go.
Cecil Day Lewis

Part of the journey is the end.
Tony Stark

Dear parent or carer.

Today is the last day of the most challenging school year in living memory. It is also the end of my tenure as Headteacher of The Charter School East Dulwich.
I won’t pretend that the coincidence of those two things has left me unaffected. I would have liked to lead the school through happier, less difficult times. It was not to be. The pandemic has made school a less settled, less enriching and simply less fun place for our students. It has also created tensions as many families have looked to schools for unprecedented levels of support at precisely the point when they were least able to provide it.
I am very proud of how the School has supported its community through the pandemic. I would ask families to remember that, in these times, every one of my colleagues--whether they taught lessons, cooked meals, answered your queries or maintained facilities--chose to put your children’s wellbeing before their own.
Those colleagues are the reason that the school is now one of the most popular in London and poised to become an even better place to learn as it moves out of its growth phase and into maturity. I need hardly say how great it will be when we return to normalcy in society.
My role has always been about laying the foundations for future success. Those foundations are strong.
I have been enormously moved by the number of children who have approached me this week to wish me well and to recall some small interaction we’ve had over the past few years that has been meaningful for them. Those stories are precious to me, too; I will carry them through with me always.
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your children’s lives.
Mr. A. Crossman
Headteacher 2015-21
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