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East Dulwich

Southwark Streetspace

Southwark council has now launched a website where you can suggest and support ideas to help improve our streets as we recover from COVID-19.

COVID-19 and the lockdown have changed how we live, work and travel.

These changes have brought about cleaner, quieter and safer streets with less traffic congestion, better air quality and more walking and cycling. If we continue with these changes, we would see a sustained and significant reduction in air and noise pollution. This could have big environmental benefits and improve the quality of life and health of many of our residents, especially those with respiratory and cardiac conditions and children.

So we want to work with residents, businesses and visitors to use this opportunity to ensure we continue to retain as many transport, health and environmental benefits as possible after lockdown. Our two primary objectives are:

·         Maximise pedestrian space within the public highway to help people pass each other and queue, whilst adhering to the government’s social distancing rules

·         Provide measures to make it easier to walk, cycle and use public transport, whilst removing through traffic, as the lockdown is lifted

We welcome your comments and would be pleased to receive any suggestions for other measures that will help with social distancing, discouraging traffic, improving walking and cycling and identifying crowded areas of footway.

Access our Southwark Streetspace Suggestions website at to let us have your views.