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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Useful links for reading and accessing literacy activites at home

Please use the links below to access useful online resources during closure

During the school closure, an important free resource to keep us all entertained and mentally active is the BorrowBox reading app offered by Southwark Libraries. If you and your children are not already members of Southwark Libraries, please go into your local Library and sign up as soon as possible. Southwark's Libraries are still open, but like everyone else, cannot guarantee they will be in the coming days and weeks. Find your nearest Library here. It is free to become a member; simply fill in a form at the Library desk, and you will receive a membership card immediately. Students will need a guardian's signature. Proof of address is NOT required. Members can then borrow print books from the Library, and access the online audio and e-books available. Do it today while book supplies are still strong!

Please also try these useful links:

- Resources collated by secondary school Librarians.

- Free audiobook titles: