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The Charter School

East Dulwich

More school places available

More school places available for September 2018

The Charter School East Dulwich is pleased to announce an expansion of the number of places it can offer to children starting secondary school in September 2018. The school will increase its available places to 180 from 120, in order to meet exceptionally high demand from parents in the local community.

The school has been working closely with Southwark Council and the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to provide accommodation suitable for an increased number of students at its temporary site on Southampton Way. The school and all its students will relocate to its permanent site on East Dulwich Grove in December 2018.

Alex Crossman, Head Teacher of The Charter School East Dulwich, said: “The fulsome support of our local community has made us one of the most popular secondary schools in Southwark and one of the most over-subscribed new schools in the country. We are delighted to be able to offer more school places to local children. We are particularly thankful for the support of Southwark Council and the ESFA for making this possible.”   

The increase in available places will take the school’s student population to 420 from 240.  

Details of the increased accommodation available to the school on Southampton Way for the first three months of the school year include:

  • Full occupancy of the entire building, including 10 additional teaching spaces
  • Two new bathroom blocks
  • An additional staircase to all floors, easing student transition around the building
  • A re-modelling of the building reception area and outdoor play spaces

Simon Tucker, Chair of Governors of The Charter School East Dulwich, said: “The governors are delighted that we are able to accept more students starting in September 2018 without compromising the educational experience of any of our students. Although we will still be based on our temporary site for the first term of the 2018/19 year, we are now confident that we can provide an appropriate learning environment for an increased number of students." 

Keir Construction, appointed in February to build the school’s permanent buildings, is making excellent progress in the development of the buildings on East Dulwich Grove. Further expansion in the number of places available to students in Year 7 will not be possible until the school occupies its full site on East Dulwich Grove. 

The table below provides an overview of the school’s growth plans from 2018 to 2021.





How many students will the school admit in Year 7?




How many students will the school have overall?




Where will the school be based?

(Sept – Dec)

(Jan - )



How much of our school will we occupy on our permanent site – classroom space?




How much of our school will we occupy on our permanent site – outdoor space?




*Southampton Way, SE5

**East Dulwich Grove, SE22