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The Charter School

East Dulwich

Our Vision

Curious · Creative · Confident · Courageous · Caring

The Charter School East Dulwich provides an excellent education for young people from the local community in a safe, supportive learning environment, where people are valued and make positive contributions to the school, and where students go on to become responsible, independent members of society.

We believe that all our young people have the potential to achieve in school and succeed in life. Whatever their starting point no young person will be left behind. Excellent performance comes through effort, motivation and targeted interventions throughout the years of secondary education.

The Charter School East Dulwich provides a supportive but challenging environment where each pupil is expected to aim for the highest standard in all aspects of school life and beyond. Our new school welcomes students of diverse talents, needs and interests.

We will guide all our students to be aware of other people’s needs within both the school and our wider community, to value those differences and to develop their own self-confidence and self-judgment.

We have been delighted by the extent of local community support for another inclusive secondary school from The Charter School family.

Our commitment to you is that we will ensure that every child who joins The Charter School East Dulwich will benefit from teaching that builds on the outstanding track record of our more established sibling school while also benefiting from the unique advantages of being part of a new school.

The Charter School East Dulwich will grow incrementally, preserving a very human scale. Our initial focus will be on excellence in the teaching of Key Stage 3. The first students and their families from our early years will play an active role in shaping the school, from getting involved in staff recruitment to reviewing aspects of the buildings' design; to helping to shape the development of enrichment activities as we grow. The Charter Schools Educational Trust is made up predominantly of parents who have raised or are raising children in the local community and we intend the high level of engagement from parents, students and the local community to be a real strength for the new school.

Thank you for considering our school for your child. We hope you will investigate whether our school is right for you and follow our progress during the coming months as we to open to our first cohort.

Simon Tucker
The Charter Schools Educational Trust

John Godfrey
Chair of Governors
The Charter School East Dulwich