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The Charter School

East Dulwich


The Charter School East Dulwich opened in September 2016 under Free School legislation. The Department for Education will not allow a school to open to students unless Ofsted, the schools' inspectorate, agrees that it is able to provide those students with a good education; to nurture, support and challenge them appropriately. 

Once a new school receives Ofsted's seal of approval, it is not formally inspected again until its third year of operation. For The Charter School East Dulwich, this will be 2018-19. This gives a school time properly to establish itself and provides a solid foundation in evidence for any judgment the inspectors will eventually make.

We look forward to meeting with the inspectors and showing them the progress in our schools, but we will not have a formal Ofsted 'rating' until then. Our sibling school, The Charter School North Dulwich, has been rated 'Outstanding', the inspectorate's highest rating, since 2009.